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Travel Allowance

Travel Allowance

Parliamentarians may claim an allowance for accommodation, meals and incidental expenses for each overnight stay in accommodation in Australia that is not your home base.

Parliamentarians must apply the obligations when claiming these allowances, ensuring that any expenses claimed are for the dominant purpose of parliamentary business, that it represents value for money, that the expense is incurred in good faith, and that they are able to publicly defend the expense. Once the principles are applied, travel allowance may be claimed anywhere in Australia for the purpose of conducting your Parliamentary Business, subject to the following limit:

Travel allowance is limited to 10 nights in a financial year when the dominant purpose is for one or more of the following reasons:

  • conducting the parliamentarian's party political duties at a location other than Canberra
  • conducting the parliamentarian's electorate duties at places outside the parliamentarian's electorate
  • Note: you can claim for a night in transit for the purpose of facilitating travel for the above reasons, and the night in transit would not be debited from the 10 night limit.

The travel allowance rates are set by the Remuneration Tribunal.

Travel allowance rates vary depending on the travel location. The current rates are published at Parliamentarians’ Travel Allowance Rates.

Except in Canberra, there are commercial and non-commercial rates:

  • Commercial accommodation means accommodation in a commercial establishment such as a hotel, motel or serviced apartment. Parliamentarians must provide a receipt for the commercial accommodation, or indicate that the receipt is available on request.   
  • Non-commercial rates are paid for stays in non-commercial accommodation outside Canberra, such as the home of a family member or friend.

Private Vehicle Allowance

Parliamentarians may claim private vehicle allowance when travelling between their home base and Canberra in a private vehicle. The travel by private vehicle may be for all or part of the journey.

The allowance can cover fuel and other running costs for a parliamentarian to travel between their home base and Canberra in the parliamentarian's private vehicle.

The definition of a ‘private vehicle’ in relation to a parliamentarian, or a family member of a parliamentarian:

  • includes any vehicles owned by the parliamentarian of a family member
  • does not include a private plated vehicle provided by the Commonwealth.

The private vehicle allowance is not subject to withholding tax up to 5,000km per financial year. After 5,000km, IPEA withholds tax in accordance with ATO requirements.

Travel Allowance Rates 

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