Travel guidance for parliamentarians under the Parliamentary Entitlements Act 1990 is available in the Handbooks section of the Ministerial and Parliamentary Services website.

Travel guidance information for parliamentarians about the new parliamentary work expenses framework starting 1 January 2018 is available at Parliamentarians Travel Post 1 Jan 2018.  

On this page you will find information about:

Travel Advice Certificates

Travel Advice Certificates (TACs) are provided by IPEA to enable parliamentarians and their staff to have formal written advice on the statutory compliance of planned travel. A TAC provides clear, written advice about a specific travel enquiry before travel is undertaken.

Further information on TACs is available in the Personal Advice [PDF 707 KB] Personal Advice [DOC 115 KB] Fact Sheet.

Personal Advice

One of the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority’s (IPEA) key functions is to give personal advice to parliamentarians and their staff and former parliamentarians of parliament about their use of parliamentary travel resources. This function is established by the IPEA Act 2017.

IPEA’s personal advice comes in the form of verbal or written guidance, or recommendations given for the use of parliamentary travel resources. IPEA can provide personal advice over the phone, in person or in writing.  

Further information on IPEA’s function to give personal advice is available in the Personal Advice [PDF 707 KB] Personal Advice [DOC 115 KB] Fact Sheet.

Travel Allowance Rates

Capital City Zones

Canberra includes locations within a 30 kilometre radius from Parliament House.

Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney means locations within a radius of ten kilometres from the General Post Office or five kilometres from the major airport servicing the city.

Darwin, Hobart means locations within a radius of five kilometres from the General Post Office or five kilometres from the major airport servicing the city.

Capital CIty Zone Map

The following shading is used to identify locations within the radius for:

  • major airport zones - red
  • General Post Office zones - blue
  • Canberra zone - green.

To search for a location enter either the capital city or the address details into the search box.

Travel Service Provider - Corporate Travel Management (CTM)

All travel bookings must be made through CTM.

  • Phone (toll free): 1800 187 584
  • Phone (if overseas): +61 2 8286 7499
  • Email: ipea [at]

CTM’s travel consultants are based in Australia and available to take your travel bookings 24/7, 365 days a year.

Please review IPEA’s travel service provider FAQs if you have questions about the transition from FCM to CTM. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact us on (02) 6215 3000 or email enquiries [at]

Overseas Travel Advice and Support

More Information

  • Parliamentarians and their staff may obtain advice about travel arrangements by calling 6215 3000 or by emailing enquiries [at]
  • For advice on all non-travel related work expense matters, email Ministerial and Parliamentary Services at mpshelp [at] or call (02) 6215 3333.