IPEA Education

Access IPEA’s online workbooks library on our new IPEA Education pages, with learning activities on the framework, different types of travel, budgets, reporting, and assurance.

Did you know?

IPEA administers travel expenses and travel allowances for parliamentarians and their staff.

Parliamentarians and office managers: your 2020-21 Financial Year Budgets

Please use our Online Budget Reports to track your budget use, particularly as we are getting towards the end of the financial year. If you have any questions about travel related budgets, call us on 02 6215 3000.

Release of expenditure reports

IPEA has released the 1 January to 31 March 2021 expenditure reports. These reports cover current and former parliamentarians and their staff. You can find these on our Reporting page. The April to June 2021 reports will be published in September 2021.