Release of expenditure reports

The January to March 2022 expenditure reports are now available in CSV format on These reports cover current and former parliamentarians and their staff.

Did you know

IPEA has just turned 5. Since its establishment, IPEA has published over 4,500 individual expenditure reports, answered over 40,000 queries and published 6 audits.

Travel resources for former members of parliament

Resources are available to former members of parliament to travel under certain conditions. For details see the fact sheet Travel resources for former Members of Parliament (PDF, 689KB).

Parliamentarians and office staff

To support parliamentarians and their staff with travel administration and budget functions in PEMS, IPEA has developed PDF ‘how-to’ guides to assist users with common travel-related processes. More information about IPEA’s PEMS resources, including FAQs, how to guides and support contact details can be found on our PEMs pages