IPEA’s 2020 Client Satisfaction Survey

IPEA’s 2020 Client Satisfaction Survey is now available here - see our results for overall satisfaction with the information and services we provide to parliamentarians and their staff.

IPEA training

Want to learn more about the framework and processes for parliamentarians’ work expenses? Try our IPEA-Ed six 10-minute training modules and quizzes here

Did you know?

IPEA was first created in April 2017 following the then Prime Minister’s announcement of changes to parliamentarians’ work expenses in January of the same year.

Release of expenditure reports

IPEA has released the 1 October to 31 December 2020 expenditure reports. These reports cover current and former parliamentarians and their staff. You can find these on our Reporting page. The January to March 2021 reports will be published in June 2021.