Welcome to IPEA Education.

Our aim is to provide parliamentarians and their staff with a range of up to date, reliable and engaging education resources so they can make informed decisions about their travel.

IPEA’s education resources are based on the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017 and Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 frameworks, specifically how parliamentarians and their staff access travel resources in their roles.  

IPEA offers 4 key education services:

  1. Publications - IPEA has an online library of 9 workbooks in PDF format. In addition, we have a Quick Reference Guide to Travel related resources for parliamentarians and their staff.
  2. IPEA-Ed - IPEA-Ed is a mobile friendly website containing easy-to-understand information about IPEA’s travel, reporting and auditing functions. IPEA-ED provides several learning tools including training content, videos, FAQs and flowcharts. You can find a range of information including:
    • Training content - easy-to-read chapters that summarise the key travel requirements under the legislative framework.
    • Training modules - 6 videos that demonstrate key travel requirements.
    • Request an appointment - this feature allows parliamentarians and their staff to book one-on-one education sessions with one of our knowledgable Advice Team members.
  3. IPEA Education Sessions - IPEA conducts face-to-face presentations and webinar style education sessions in major capital cities around Australia. Education sessions are held up to three times a year. Upcoming education session details are published on IPEA’s website.
  4. IPEA PEMS education resources - IPEA has a range of PEMS training materials to assist parliamentarians and their staff to use IPEA’s PEMS functionality, including travel and budgets.