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Principles-based framework

A parliamentarian must ensure that any expenditure for parliamentary business is consistent with the principles contained in the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017.

Parliamentarians must ensure that the principles are upheld, and comply with the following obligations when claiming any travel expenses.

The framework requires parliamentarians:

  • use public resources for the dominant purpose of parliamentary business
  • conduct their parliamentary business in a way that achieves value for money
  • meet any conditions connected to expenses and allowances they claim
  • are prepared to be personally responsible and accountable for their use of public resources in the conduct of their parliamentary business
  • are prepared to publicly justify their use of public resources in conducting their parliamentary business
  • act ethically and in good faith in using, and accounting for the use of, public resources in the conduct of their parliamentary business.

More information is available on the Principles-Based Framework.

What is parliamentary business?

‘Parliamentary business’ includes activities that fall within four streams:

  • Parliamentary duties: covers activities of the parliamentarian that relate directly to the parliamentarian’s role
  • Electorate duties: activities of the parliamentarian that support or serve their constituents
  • Party political duties: activities of the parliamentarian that are connected with both their political party and their membership of the Parliament
  • Official duties: activities that relate to the parliamentarian’s role as an office holder or minister

Further information on parliamentary business is available in the Parliamentarians Business Resources (Parliamentary Business) Determination 2017.

Personal advice

One of the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority’s (IPEA) functions is to provide personal advice to parliamentarians, their staff and former parliamentarians about their use of parliamentary travel resources. This function is established by the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority Act 2017.

IPEA’s personal advice for the use of parliamentary travel resources can be provided as written or verbal (over the phone or in person) guidance.  

Travel Advice Certificates

Travel Advice Certificates (TACs) are provided by IPEA to enable parliamentarians and their staff to have formal written advice on the statutory compliance of planned travel. A TAC provides clear, written advice about a specific travel enquiry before travel is undertaken.

Further information on TACs is available in the Personal Advice [PDF 707 KB] Personal Advice [DOC 115 KB] Fact Sheet.

More information

  • For travel related queries, contact IPEA by phone (02) 6215 3000 or email enquiries [at]
  • Additional information on the new Principles-Based Framework can be found on the Legislative Framework page.

For all other work expense matters, phone (02) 6215 3542 for parliamentarians' or (02) 6215 3333 for MOP(S) Act employees or email mpshelp [at]