PEMS frequently asked questions

IPEA has developed a range of frequently asked questions to help answer commonly occurring questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us on (02) 6215 3000 or enquiries [at]

What is the Parliamentary Expenses Management System (PEMS)?

What is PEMS?

PEMS is an online, secure portal that enables parliamentarians and their staff to claim and manage expenses over any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

PEMS provides functions relating to parliamentarian and staff resources provided by Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (MaPS) and IPEA.

How do I log into PEMS?

To log into PEMS, you can click on the ‘PEMS’ icon—on the top of the screen—from either MaPS or IPEA’s websites.

MaPS can provide further information about logging into PEMS.

When did PEMS change?

The Department of Finance released the new version of PEMS on Monday 4 July 2022.

What new functions are available?

PEMS offers end-to-end functionality across:

  • office expenses
  • communication expenses
  • human resources and staffing related administration
  • travel administration
  • budget management.

Who developed PEMS?

The Department of Finance developed PEMS.

Please direct questions related to PEMS development to mpshelp [at]

Will there be more PEMS functionality added?

PEMS will continue to add more administrative functions as they become available. The updates will be communicated to PEMS users.

Learning to use PEMS

How do I learn to use PEMS for travel expenses?

To help you learn how to use PEMS, IPEA provides access to a range of PEMS education support resources.

  • Step-by-step user guides
  • Phone or email support (9.00 am to 5.00 pm AEST): (02) 6215 3000 or enquiries [at]
  • Virtual instruction over GovTeams: email enquiries [at] to request an appointment
  • IPEA Education Sessions

IPEA will add more PEMS education materials to further support your PEMS travel administration and budget training needs. Parliamentarians and staff will be notified by email when there are new education materials available.

Who is giving PEMS training?

Both IPEA and MaPS will deliver PEMS training related to their respective responsibilities. IPEA will provide training on PEMS travel administration and budgets.

Training and support to use PEMS travel administration and budgets functionality is available on IPEA’s PEMS education resources page, over the phone (02) 6215 3000, by email enquiries [at] or in person. You can request an appointment with our Advice Team.

More information about PEMS and PEMS training is available on MOP(S) Learning.

Accessing PEMS

Can I use my old PEMS log in details?

Yes, if your email address has not changed.

If you are unsure, contact MaPS on (02) 6215 3333 or mpshelp [at]

How do I set up a PEMS account?

You can find the relevant information to set up your account on MaPS PEMS webpage or contact MaPS on (02) 6215 3333 or mpshelp [at]

I forgot my password?

You can reset your password by following the instructions on MaPS PEMS webpage or contact MaPS on (02) 6215 3333 or mpshelp [at]

I am experiencing technical difficulties

Contact MaPS on (02) 6215 3333 or mpshelp [at]

I can't log in

Contact MaPS on (02) 6215 3333 or mpshelp [at]

Previous PEMS travel claims

What happened to my draft travel claims?

Draft travel claims entered into PEMS before 5.00 pm Tuesday 28 June, Australian Western Standard Time (AWST) need to be re-submitted by the user. A draft travel claim is any travel claim that has not been certified by your authorising officer or parliamentarian.

Can I still use ‘paper’ forms?

Yes. ‘Paper’ forms are available from the Travel forms section on IPEA’s website.

Can I still see my old travel claims?

Yes, you can use the “Historic Claims” tile on the PEMS home page to view travel claims verified by IPEA between 1 July 2018 and 28 June 2022.

Budgets and expenditure

Where is the online budget tool?

The online budget tool has been replaced by a budget tool in PEMS.

How do I check my budgets?

PEMS offers ‘real time’ budget reporting for all your budgets.

Review the budgets administration ‘how to’ guide to learn more.

What happened to Monthly Management Reports (MMR)?

The MMR will no longer be distributed on the 15th of each month.

It has been replaced with ‘real time’ budget reporting in PEMS.

Review the budgets administration ‘how to’ guide to learn how to use PEMS budget functionality.

Will I receive a Monthly Management Report (MMR)?

The MMR distributed on 15 June was the last one.

It has been replaced with ‘real time’ budget reporting in PEMS.

Please review the budgets administration ‘how to’ guide to learn more about how to manage budget dashboards, view related transactions and use PEMS budget functionality.

Will I receive an Expenditure Report?

Yes. You will still receive expenditure reports to review and certify. They will still be published on IPEA’s website.