Election 2019

Travel throughout Australia is an integral component of the role and function for a parliamentarian throughout their parliamentary term. Engaging with constituents and representing their electorate to understand better the interests and needs for their region will at times require travel to be undertaken at Commonwealth expense. 

On this page you will find:

Election Period Guidance

As articulated in the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017 (PBR Act) and associated Determinations (collectively the ‘PBR Framework’), parliamentarians can only claim for expenses that are incurred for the dominant purpose of conducting parliamentary business and that are value for money. Parliamentarians remain personally responsible and accountable for their use of public resources and must be prepared to justify publicly their use of those resources. 

Notwithstanding this general advice from IPEA regarding parliamentary business, accessing travel resources remains subject to the obligations in the PBR Framework and continue to apply during an election period.

Case Studies

Case studies are designed to assist Members of Parliament assess whether proposed travel during an election period complies with the obligations and principles of the PBR Framework.

Importantly, the case studies are examples only and travel circumstances will vary depending on the information and facts for each trip, including the purpose and costs associated with the travel.

Decision Making Flowcharts

These flowcharts are designed to assist Members of Parliament and their staff with their decision making processes.

More Information?

Parliamentarians and their staff may obtain guidance relating to travel during the election by calling 6215 3000 or by emailing enquiries [at] ipea.gov.au.