IPEA has an online library of nine workbooks in PDF format. These self-paced workbooks are aimed at assisting our clients (parliamentarians and their staff) in their role.

The workbooks contain learning areas directly related to IPEA’s role in assisting our clients with travel related expenses, and parliamentary functions.

Workbook contents include:

  • Learning activities
  • Answers to learning activities
  • Helpful resources such as: Factsheets and FAQs
  • External links to legislation.
  1. About IPEA [PDF 840 KB]
  2. Framework – parliamentarians [PDF 419 KB]
  3. Travel – parliamentarians [PDF 812 KB]
  4. Travel – family reunion [PDF 433 KB]
  5. Travel – international parliamentarian [PDF 565 KB]
  6. Travel – staff [PDF 440 KB]
  7. Budgets [PDF 249 KB]
  8. Reporting [PDF 336 KB]
  9. Assurance [PDF 335 KB]

Quick reference guide

The quick reference guide was developed as a simple and easy reference for parliamentarians and their staff to find information about IPEA’s travel, reporting and auditing functions.

Quick reference guides: