What is a TAC?

A Travel Advice Certificate (TAC) provides parliamentarians and their staff with formal written advice about planned travel. A TAC provides clear advice on whether specific travel meets or does not meet the requirements of the PBR framework before travel is undertaken. A TAC is signed by IPEA’s CEO.

What happens if the advice was incorrect?

If the parliamentarian or staff follows IPEA’s advice in the TAC, and the advice is later found by IPEA to be incorrect, they do not repay any debts incurred at Commonwealth expense.

However, if IPEA’s advice was based on misleading, false or incomplete information, the parliamentarian or staff is not protected from incurring a debt and potentially a penalty.

Can a TAC be used again or by another parliamentarian or staff for the same travel?

No. Each TAC is relevant to the specific query posed, and is not a precedent for subsequent travel, or advice to other parliamentarians. Any changes to the details of the activity, for example changes to travel dates, times or events attended, may change the TAC. In the event travel plans or the situation changes, an updated online form must be submitted for reassessment.