Personal advice

IPEA provides personal advice to parliamentarians and their staff on travel related queries. Advice is available during eastern Australia business hours over the phone, in person or in writing.

IPEA’s personal advice comes in the form of verbal or written guidance, or recommendations about the use of parliamentary travel resources. 

Personal advice from IPEA on travel expenses and travel allowances is not subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

The accuracy of IPEA’s advice relies on the completeness of information provided by parliamentarians or their staff. Withholding relevant information may lead to incomplete or incorrect advice being provided. Where personal advice is given by IPEA on the basis of false or misleading information the parliamentarian may incur a debt. A penalty of up to 25% may be applied if subsequent travel is determined to fall outside of the framework.  

Parliamentarians requiring more formal advice on the statutory compliance of planned travel can request a Travel Advice Certificate (TAC).