In what instances can I use COMCAR or taxis in and around my home base?

Parliamentarians receive either a private plated vehicle or an allowance in lieu of a private plated vehicle. Where reasonable to do so, the parliamentarian uses one of these options to transport themselves in and around their home base.

Where a parliamentarian considers it unreasonable to use their private plated vehicle or allowance, they may access COMCAR or taxis in accordance with the PBR Principles. For example, a parliamentarian may access a COMCAR or taxi to travel between their home and the airport where:

  • car parking expense exceeds the cost of COMCAR trips
  • the parliamentarian would like to have the vehicle available to electorate staff while they are travelling.
Is travel allowance restricted to a financial year cap?

All travel is subject to the PBR framework’s obligations. There are only two types of travel allowance subject to a financial year cap: when a parliamentarian travels for the dominant purpose of electorate duties outside of their electorate or party political duties outside of Canberra. Claiming travel allowance for these purposes is restricted to a combined total of 10 nights per financial year.

What is the definition of Parliamentary Business?

Parliamentary Business is defined as four separate duties:

  • Parliamentary Duties
  • Electorate Duties
  • Party Political Duties
  • Official Duties

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Can I Claim Travel Allowance in Advance?

No, parliamentarians are not able to claim travel allowance in advance. Travel allowance may only be claimed after travel is completed and is usually processed by IPEA within seven working days of receipt.

Claiming details.

Can I stay in an AirBnB?

In almost all instances, AirBnB provides residential (non-commercial) accommodation, not commercial accommodation. IPEA generally only pays the non-commercial rate for each overnight stay booked through AirBnB. If you believe your AirBnB accommodation may satisfy the requirements of commercial accommodation, please contact IPEA prior to your travel for confirmation.

Can I claim Private Vehicle Allowance when I travel in my personally owned vehicle?

Parliamentarians may claim Private Vehicle Allowance when using their privately owned vehicle to travel between their home base and Canberra or part way. Private Vehicle Allowance cannot be claimed for travel between any other locations or for the use of a private plated vehicle.