What do I need to do

The current travel provider for parliamentarians is FCm Travel Solutions. All scheduled flight bookings must be made with FCm.

Did you know?

FCm can arrange all modes of transport on scheduled and unscheduled services, including charter flights, ferries, self-drive car hire, trains and coaches. They also provide an accommodation booking service and assistance with other travel related services.

FCm issues each parliamentarian with a personal travel profile number to use when making travel bookings. This also records individual preferences, such as seating and special dietary requirements.

Contact FCm Travel Solutions:
E: ipea [at]
P: 1300 762 027
The FCm helpdesk operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

COMCAR bookings:

To book a COMCAR, information is available at the Ministerial and Parliamentary Services website.

Did you know?

IPEA answers questions about the use of COMCAR, and the Department of Finance answers questions about bookings and functions. COMCAR is the responsibility of the Department of Finance.