Leader and other opposition parliamentarians

Approval: The leader of the opposition approves travel for the leader and/or any other opposition parliamentarian, subject to an annual budget based on the cost of four (4) around the world airfares.

Costs that can be met (subject to the budget):

  • travel at no higher than business class
  • unscheduled commercial transport within and between overseas countries
  • accommodation costs
  • meal costs
  • pre-travel medical expenses, such as vaccinations
  • emergency medical, dental or hospital expenses
  • laundry and dry cleaning
  • an international travel incidental allowance of $63 per day
  • a travel equipment allowance of $430 once every three (3) years
  • laundry and dry cleaning for staff where travel lasts at least seven (7) days
  • an international travel incidental allowance of $40 per day for staff
  • travel costs for up to two (2) staff accompanying the leader or the parliamentarian. Where two (2) staff travel, only the cost of one (1) staff member is deducted from the annual budget.