Provisions / Conditions

A parliamentarian’s family may travel at Commonwealth expense to accompany or join the parliamentarian when they are travelling within Australia away from their home base to conduct parliamentary business.

Family includes the parliamentarian’s spouse or nominee, dependent children and other eligible family member/s nominated by the parliamentarian. 

Family reunion travel can be accessed where:

  • the parliamentarian is travelling for the dominant purpose of conducting parliamentary business, and
  • the family member/s travels to accompany or join the parliamentarian, and
  • travel is for the dominant purpose of facilitating the family life of the parliamentarian. 

There are two types of family reunion travel which have different budgets or limits.

1. Travel to Canberra and within the local area (cost based limit)

This allows family members to travel between the family member’s or the parliamentarian’s home base and Canberra or places in the State or Territory for which the parliamentarian is a senator, or in which their electorate is located.

The annual cost based limit is the value of nine (9) business class return airfares to Canberra for the parliamentarian’s spouse or nominee plus three (3) economy class return airfares to Canberra for each dependent child. Travel is from their respective home base.

2. Australia-wide travel (trip based limit)

This may be used for family members to travel anywhere in Australia to accompany or join the parliamentarian when they are on parliamentary business. 

The annual trip based limit is a total of three (3) return business class airfares in total—not each family member—on scheduled commercial transport. 

What other costs are covered?

Family members may travel to and from the airport with the parliamentarian by COMCAR.

If travelling independently, the spouse or nominee (and dependents if accompanying) may also travel by COMCAR to commence or complete a family reunion journey.

In Canberra, the spouse or nominee may travel by COMCAR between the airport and their accommodation, and between their accommodation and Parliament House.

Dependent children who are not accompanied by the parliamentarian, their spouse or nominee cannot use COMCAR but may use a taxi or rideshare to travel to and from the airport. This cost will be reimbursed by IPEA.

There are additional family travel expenses available for family of senior office holders or where a spouse or nominee is invited to a prescribed event or function. For details please contact enquiries [at] (IPEA).