What is the difference between my monthly management report and my expenditure report?

Monthly management reports (MMRs) include payments made and invoices raised within the month being reported. MMRs are used to assist with monitoring expenditure and managing budgets. MMRs are provided to parliamentarians for internal use to assist with the day to day operations of the office and are not required to be certified.

Expenditure reports include payments made and repayments received within the reporting period. Parliamentarians are asked to certify that their expenses are within the legislated purpose. Expenditure reports and certifications are published on the IPEA website and the data from the reports is published on www.data.gov.au.

MMRs include office and travel expenses for staff at a transactional level. Expenditure reports only include aggregate travel expenses for staff.

Why can’t I see a particular transaction on my report?

Reports are provided in arrears and include payments made during the reported period. Invoices appear in a monthly management report (MMR) in the month they are raised and in an expenditure report in the period they are repaid.

Transactions in the MMR are grouped by the financial year they relate to. Transactions relating to previous financial years appear in the MMR appendix.

There are some errors in my report. What do I do?

Contact IPEA with the details including which report the errors are in, the reference/s and page number. IPEA reviews and advises your office accordingly.

Why are some Cabcharge locations listed in my report as ‘Home’ or ‘Hospital’ or ‘Office’?

Cabcharge locations can be the Global Positioning System (GPS) data of the taxi pick up and drop off locations or generic locations entered by the taxi driver (or you). ‘Home’, ‘Hospital’ and ‘Office’ are examples of generic locations.

Why are payments from previous financial years appearing in my report?

Reports cover payments made during the period. Payments from previous financial years appear in your report if they are paid within the reporting period. Payments from previous or future financial years do not impact the current financial year budgets or limits.

I have already told IPEA about an issue with a transaction and it is on my report again. Why?

In some instances, where an adjustment has been made to a transaction, the adjustment may appear in a subsequent report. For example a payment that was reported in one section may appear in a subsequent report as a reversal in that section and a new payment under the correct section.

Why is my budget information not up to date in my monthly management report?

Monthly management reports (MMR) are provided to parliamentarians on or before the 15th of each month and include payments made and repayments received during the previous month. The budget information in your MMR is current as at the last day of the previous month.

Up to date budget reports are available from the IPEA website.

How do I access up to date budget reports?

Parliamentarians and their authorised staff can request up to date budget reports from the IPEA website. Budget reports are available for the current and previous financial years.

I am having troubles printing my expenditure report. What do I do?

If you are having difficulty printing your report please try the following steps:

  1. Open the expenditure report
  2. Go to the ‘File’ menu, select ‘Print’ and then ‘Advanced’
  3. Select the check box next to ‘Print As Image’
  4. Select the ‘OK’ button
  5. Press ‘Print’ and the report should print as normal
When is certification of my expenditure report due?

Certification is due two weeks from the date the preliminary expenditure report is provided to parliamentarians and nominated staff. A list of certifications is published on the IPEA website at the same time as the final reports. 

When will my expenditure report be published?

The expected publication schedule is available on the IPEA website.

How do I request a custom travel report?

Contact IPEA to request a custom travel report. Please include as much information as possible in your request including travel dates, travellers, expense types, budgets, staff and family details etc.  

What type of information can I request in a custom travel report?

IPEA provides a range of custom reports to support parliamentarians and their staff. Some examples are:

  • Number of nights spent in Canberra
  • All travel expenses for a time period
  • Taxi claims
  • All parliamentarian travel allowance claims
  • All reimbursements paid