Expenditure reports

What do I need to do

What is a parliamentarian’s expenditure report’?

A report on parliamentarians’ expenses is published on the IPEA website. IPEA currently publishes the reports on a quarterly basis. Information in the report is an accurate statement of payments and repayments within the period. The report comprises aggregate information on travel costs, office facilities, office administrative costs, telecommunications, family travel and staff costs.

Before publishing, IPEA provides a preliminary version of the report and certification form to parliamentarians. Parliamentarians certify that all work expenses listed in their report are within the legislated purpose. A list of certifications is published on the IPEA website with the final reports.

To support effective checking, preliminary reports contain a range of transactional data not included in the final reports. For example, they contain details of domestic and international staff travel while the final report only contains aggregate totals for domestic and international travel.

Timely checking of preliminary reports assists in the production of an accurate final report. For any queries regarding a report, the certification process or the payment of travel related debts contact enquiries [at] ipea.gov.au (IPEA).