Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority.


Includes your spouse or nominee, dependent children and other eligible family members you nominate.

Large Electorate Budget

A budget that may be provided for those parliamentarians with an electorate that is 10,000 km² in area or more.

Parliamentary Business Resources framework (PBR)

The principles-based framework governing parliamentarians' work expenses.

PBR Principles

  • dominant purpose
  • value for money 
  • good faith
  • conditions of use
  • personal responsibility and accountability.

Parliamentary duties

Those activities that relate directly to your role as a member of Parliament.

Presiding Officer

Speaker of the House of Representatives or the President of the Senate.

Private plated vehicle

A private plated vehicle may be provided to a parliamentarian by the Department of Finance.

Private vehicle allowance

An allowance for trips from home base to Canberra (or part way) on parliamentary business in a privately owned vehicle, where this represents value for money.


A ruling is a written determination establishing whether a parliamentarian has acted in accordance with the dominant purpose, value for money and specified conditions requirements of the PBR Act.

Scheduled commercial transport

Travel on scheduled commercial transport may be undertaken up to the cost of business class for the most reasonable and usual route between the departure and destination points noting that all travel needs to represent value for money to the Commonwealth.

Senior Office Holders

  • the President of the Senate
  • the Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • a Minister
  • the Leader or Deputy Leader of the Opposition in a House of the Parliament.

Travel Advice Certificate (TAC)

TACs provide parliamentarians and their staff with formal written advice about planned travel.

Unscheduled commercial transport services

Unscheduled commercial transport services cannot be used within a parliamentarian’s electorate if they can reasonably use their privately owned vehicle.

Work base

Defined as the place where you and your staff member agree is where they spend most time on duty.